Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Power of Positive

It is amazing the amount of impact we each have on one another; especially, when you are with a group of individuals day in and day out. Often, we see our coworkers more than our spouses or our children. I am sure that we have all experienced the contagious attitudes whether it be positive or negative. Today, I want to focus on the positive.

On April 9, 2011, I ran in my first 5k- Race for the Cure here in Roanoke, VA. I, with a great friend and my little brother, joined hundreds of others in the fight to end breast cancer. People raced both as individuals and as teams. Among the teams was Dr. Hughes’ Dental Group. The team, donned in blue Hughes Dental shirts and crazy pink accessories, made quite the impact. What struck me this weekend was how much they enjoy one another. Each of these employees took time away from their Saturday morning cartoons, errands, or whatever else they have to do on Saturdays to spend time together. They ran together, they walked together, they danced together. They encouraged one another to cross that finish line. They worked together to make a positive impact in the life of someone else.

You have uncapped potential within not only yourself, but within your staff/coworkers. Absolutely, one person can make a difference. But how much more could you achieve together? And wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable to do together? You have the opportunity to make a great impression on the community and in the lives of others. I encourage you all to find a cause. Do something together outside of work that will foster goodwill both inside and outside of the office.

Written by Tiffany Worstell, Dental Staff Recruiter at ETS Dental. You can reach Tiffany at (540) 491-9112 or tworstell@etsdental to fill your temporary or permanent Dental Staff needs. Find out more at

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why Practices Have Stopped Using the Newspaper to Find Dental Staff Team Members

Introducing ETS Dental-Staff Sourcing

We are very pleased to introduce ETS Dental – Staff Sourcing. The quickest, easiest, most cost effective way to find Dental Staff Team Members for your practice. It will save you time, money and a lot of frustration the next time you need a qualified Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Office Manager or Administrative Team Member for your practice.

All you need to do is contact Tiffany Worstell, our Dental Staff - Sourcing Specialist at (540) 491-9112 or With one phone call she will:

Save you Time and Frustration
• Execute an organized recruiting campaign.
• Customize your screening process by asking you a series of questions and listening intently to your specific needs.
• Write, post, and email the ad to passive, A-player candidates.
• Weed out unqualified and uninterested candidates.
• Write up and present to you only those candidates who meet your criteria.

Expand your Search
• Post your opening for 30 days on multiple job boards including:,,, and many other specialty sites. An ad in the newspaper typically only runs one day.
• Contact passive candidates who expressed interest in similar positions.
• Speak with candidates who may be relocating to your area.

Protect your confidentiality
• Your name will not be mentioned so staff and patients won't be alarmed.
• Your identity is not revealed until you choose to contact a candidate.

Save you Money
• For a one-time cost of $895 per position, we run your ads, screen and present candidates for an entire 30 days.
• The cost is less than most local papers and job boards.
• Contact, interview and hire as many as you would like!

We’ve piloted this program in four states with tremendous success. Client practices who piloted ETS Dental – Staff Sourcing were so pleased with the results they’ve already asked us to start other recruiting campaigns.

We can still offer contingency search services for key Dental Staff Team Members. We also continue to offer temporary or contract staffing for short-term or temporary to permanent hires. Tiffany can help you pick the service that is best for your practice.

ETS Dental – Staff Sourcing was created to provide an easier, quicker and more cost-effective way to find Dental Staff than the traditional method of running an ad in the local newspaper. If your practice needs a new Dental Staff Team Member, call Tiffany Worstell (540) 491-9112 or email today!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Job Interview Tips Video

Interview preparation is vital to getting a great job.  It does not matter if you are a Dentist, Hygienist, Dental Assistant, etc. you must be prepared.  Here is a nice video that covers some vital interview questions you should be prepared for.