Thursday, October 9, 2014

Marketable Clinical Skills - How Do you Compare?

What does it take to stand out from the crowd? What CE should you take to make yourself a more marketable candidate in the dentist job market?

Many factors play a role in a practice owner’s hiring decision. Matching treatment philosophies, goal alignment, communication skills, and personality compatibility all play a role. When an owner is comparing otherwise similar associate candidates, clinical skills will always be a major consideration. So how do you stack up?

Our firm, ETS Dental, is in a unique position to answer that. With over 9,500 general dentist interviews logged into our database, we are able to create a profile of the clinic skills self-reported by the average associate dentist candidate. Here is what we found.

Rotary Trained 84%
Comfortable with 1st Molars (uppers or lowers) 68%
Comfortable with 2nd Molars (uppers or lowers) 45%

Comfortable with Surgical Extractions 79%
Comfortable Extracting Soft Tissue Impactions 46%
Comfortable Extracting Partial Bony Impactions 28%
Comfortable Extracting Full Bony Impactions 8%

Crown and Bridge 95%
Removable 93%
Veneers 65%

Pediatric Dentistry
Will only see adult patients 8%
Would limit their work with children 13%

Places Implants 15%
Restores Implants 73%

Additionally, we found that an associate candidate’s flexibility can increase the number of options available.

Would work some Saturdays 42%

Practice Environment
Would work in a corporate practice 41%
Would work in a Medicaid Clinic 23%
Would work in a Public Health Office 27%
Would work in Medicaid or Public Health 33%

While these results are self-reported and not scientific, they give a good overview of the clinical skills available in the associate dentist job market. It is our hope that this information will be helpful to you as you plan your next career move.

Written by Vice President and Senior Account Executive/Dental Recruiter Morgan Pace. For more information, contact Morgan directly at 540-491-9102 or